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Below is an introduction to the courses on offer: Business English Course - Presentations

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills covers all aspects of presentation skills in English that your employees will require. It is not only what you say but how you saying that is vital. Make sure you are really getting your message across in the most effective way possible.   [list_icon color=”blue” type=”icon_ticked”]
  • Elements to consider when preparing for a presentation – your audience and intercultural issues (what to do/not to do)
  • Essential functional language to use for all parts of the presentation
  • Clear objectives and structure
  • Effective introductions and conclusions
  • Body language (use of hands, eyes and posture) – look confident, professional and involve the audience
  • Using your voice effectively – intonation, stress, chunking
  • Dealing with questions correctly
  • Effective use of visual aids and functional language needed
  • Practice presentations on video with feedback

woman on phone and computerBusiness Writing Skills (15 hours)

Business English Writing covers vital elements such as using the right words, style and layout is essential in business correspondence, in order to look professional.     [list_icon color=”blue” type=”icon_ticked”]
  • E-mail conventions
  • Correct opening and closing paragraphs for e-mails
  • Appropriate language for different types of professional e-mails: enquiries, responding to enquiries, requests, providing information, complaints, confirmations, apologies, giving good/bad news, etc..
  • Formal versus less formal language
  • Tone
  • Writing practice
  • Short reports: structure and language to use
  • Sections of a long report

Business English Course - MeetingsMeetings (8 hours or 15 if combined with Negotiations)

Business English Meetings ensures your employees know the correct language to use and way to interact with other cultures, as this can make or break a business deal     [list_icon color=”blue” type=”icon_ticked”]
  • Stages of a meeting
  • Chairing meetings – essential language and skills
  • Participating in meetings – essential language and skills
  • Controlling meetings as a chair and dealing with possible problems
  • Considering cross cultural differences and mistakes to avoid
  • Practice of chairing a meeting (on video with feedback)
  • Practice of participating in a meeting (on video with feedback)
  • Body language –essential skills

Business English Course - NegotiationsNegotiations (8 hours or 15 if combined with Meetings)

Business English Negotiations helps to learn the best English to help you to negotiate effectively. It also teaches effective body language to watch out for.     [list_icon color=”blue” type=”icon_ticked”]
  • Stages of negotiations
  • Planning for negotiations: aims, strategies, tactics
  • Learn the correct language to use in negotiations for all stages
  • Practice role plays
  • Use body language effectively – mirroring techniques and essential skills (on video with feedback)
  • Approaches considering cultural differences
  • Approaches considering personal style of people you are negotiating with
  • Practice role plays

Business English Course - SocialisingSocialising and Networking in Business (8/10 hours)

Business English Networking provides tools to make the most of every business occasion, including social ones, by making vital contacts, knowing how to network and using the right English to do so. [list_icon color=”blue” type=”icon_ticked”]
  • Meeting clients/colleagues of different cultures – what to talk about and do in different countries.
  • Country etiquette and cultural conventions when on business trips abroad
  • Effective body language
  • Introducing yourself and building business relationships in social situations
  • Functional language to use in all situations
  • Practice role plays (on video)

Business English Course - TelephoningTelephoning (8/10 hours)

Business Telephoning covers useful language and skills required when making business calls. When we make phone calls, we have no body language to rely upon, so it is extremely important to use the correct words and use our voices effectively.   [list_icon color=”blue” type=”icon_ticked”]
  • Essential telephone skills
  • Functional language for different situations (making initial calls, requesting information, answering calls, complaints, apologising, negotiating, arranging/postponing meetings, etc)
  • Stages of conference calls
  • Importance of using voice particularly effectively on the phone
  • Leaving voice mails
  • Dealing with different cultures

Business English Course - InterviewingInterview Skills (10 hours)

Business English Interview Skills covers the main aspects required when attending an interview. You only get one chance to stand out. Make sure you maximize your potential with correct answers, body language and skills. [list_icon color=”blue” type=”icon_ticked”]
  • Preparing for interviews – for interviewees and interviewers
  • Cover letters – what to include and what to avoid
  • Writing effective CVs
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Practice typical interview questions and awareness of what interviewers will be looking for
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Essential body language –what to do and what not to do in an interview
  • What questions to ask
  • Asking difficult questions
  • What to do at end of interview
  • Functional language needed
  • Practice role plays (on video)
Kate was my Presentation Skills trainer at King’s College. For me, Kate was the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life. During two months pre-sessional English course at King’s I witnessed her professional and friendly endeavor to teach us how to enhance not only our oral skill, but also body language, eye contact and more importantly how to evaluate legal articles critically.
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  • Mohamad Honardoost, King’s College student, London………….[bigbutton url=http://www.thebusinessenglishcentre.com/testimonials ] More Testimonials [/bigbutton]