An overview of the corporate training courses

The courses are highly specialized, to provide you with all the language and skills needed to deal very effectively with all international business situations.

Body language and intercultural awareness are vitally important, playing a major role in the courses. They also have a large practical component, and continuous feedback ensures everything learnt is put into practice immediately, to maximise benefit.

The Business English Range of courses cover the following modules

Presentation Skills
International Meetings
Business Writing Skills
Telephoning in English
Socialising and networking in English
Interview Skills

Others may be available upon request.

Please contact me for further information regarding course content, or read more here.

How programs are delivered

There is a large interactive component where trainees practise what has been covered. Some parts are filmed,  in order for you to benefit from seeing yourself in action and feedback is provided on all practical activities. There is usually a very cooperative, friendly atmosphere on the courses, as all present help each other to reach their full potential. One to one classes are equally rewarding and tailored to your particular needs.

Courses for individuals obviously focus on a trainee’s particular needs, being very practical and enjoyable.

Timing/duration is flexible depending upon client needs.

How I work

Upon initial contact and selection of a particular course, a needs analysis is carried out with all clients, to evaluate areas which need to be focused on. For example, courses could be tailored to allow for more language, grammar, intercultural awareness, skills, body language or intercultural factors, as required.

All candidates for training need to have a minimum of Intermediate level English in order to fully benefit from the courses as they are extremely interactive and a lot is covered in them, which requires a fair knowledge of the language.

How results are evaluated

Continuous feedback is given throughout the course, as the idea is to learn, practise and build on that.  Should it become apparent during the training that any particular area needs to be focused on a little more, there is flexibility to address client needs as much as possible.