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MAH00398(16)Why do a course?

I have been an IELTS trainer for many years, at the leading training centres in the world (The British Council, International House Executive Centre and univerisities and colleges), and I have seen students miss out on getting the grade they needed because they simply were not prepared for the exam. Obviously your level of English is vitally important, but once you know what to expect, what to look out for, how to do the tasks involved and have practised, it can make a substantial difference to your marks. Being well prepared really does and will make a big difference!.

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Please see the video for more details and then watch the free tips IELTS video below that. Also please see reviews on my Facebook page “IELTS with Kate” and on online course.

The exam

IELTS has 4 different parts- reading, listening, writing and speaking. There is a General Training version and an Academic one. IELTS UKVI is for immigration purposes.  

What the course covers

The course mainly focuses on the writing and speaking components. However, advice is also given for the reading and listening tests. Private lessons can also be booked to be done either face to face or online, via Skype. Please contact me to discuss your particular needs or areas you require most help with, and I will tailor the course to address those areas. You can and will improve!  


Writing exam

Part 1 Academic

This looks at:
  1. General advice – what to do/what not to do
  2. Language to use
  3. Different tasks and how to do them
  4. Examples of all tasks: Line graphs/bar graphs/pie charts/tables/mixed charts/diagrams/maps

Part 1 General Training

This looks at:
  1. General Advice – what to do/what not to do
  2. Style
  3. E-mails
  4. Language to use
  5. How to structure your answer correctly: – Openings/Main bodies/Endings

Part 2 (Academic and General Training)

This looks at:
  1. General Advice – what to do/what not to do
  2. Language to use
  3. Tenses to use
  4. Paragraphing and linking words
  5. Different kinds of essays: – Discuss essays/Opinion essays/To what extent essays/Multiple question essays/Problem and solution essays/Cause and effect essays

Speaking exam

This looks at:
  1. What to do/not to do
  2. Language to use
  3. Tenses to use
  4. Typical topics
  5. Answering personal questions
  6. Preparing your 2 minute presentation
  7. Discussing general quesions

Reading and Listening exam

This looks at:
  1. General advice
  2. Reading and listening techniques- skimming/scanning/reading in detail
  3. How to look for clues
  4. How to approach different tasks


testimonial-mavi “I came in the UK to work as a doctor and I needed 7.5 on IELTS in order to get my licence. I had failed the exam 3 times before I met her and my confidence was quite low! Kate was incredibly professional, positive and energetic. She knows precisely how the exam is organized and what should be done to get this score! Last but not least she gave me back the confidence I was missing to pass it. I definitely recommend her!”. Mavi    
“I am Anupama, I would definitely recommend Kate True for IELTS tutoring. I was straggling to pass my exam for two years, before Kate’s help. When I went to her she immediately recognised my weaknesses (grammar and spelling) and paid attention on that specific areas. She is very professional and friendly, most of all she always keeps her word. Thank you Kate.” Anupama

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